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The next book to be produced will be Peter Barnfield's "Aberllefenni Quarry ", a collection of stunning photographs taken in 1976, when the tramway was still in use for taking slate down to the cutting shed in the village, the motive power being an antiquated tractor...

This will be another book in the "portfolio" series of books.

The spring of 2018 should see Peter Barnfield's new "Memories of Railway Journeys In Wales", featuring some great stories and stunning black and white photography.

Here is the likely cover:

And a wonderful shot by the late Mark Warburton showing the author and a director of the Welshpool and Llanfair Railway hurtling through Castle Caereinion. Concerned viewers may like to know that Mark had shut the gates against the road before taking position for the photograph!

Photo courtesy of Margaret Warburton and Gerry Nicholls

"LNWR Wagons Vol 3" is all but finished and is currently awaiting final proofreading by members of the L&NWR society. I would like to have it out for Warley this year but will not be rushing it. In the meantime the newly produced hardback version of Volume 2 has done very well and I may well be producing more.

The Cameo competition is going very well, seeing many interesting layout ideas and much interest in Iain Rice's "Creating Cameo Layouts" which finally made it out at the beginning of January. You can follow the progress of various entries on both RMweb and Western Thunder web forums.

Hepton Wharf, the Great Grand Daddy of all Cameos.....

I am very pleased to say that Iain is now working on a new book, likely title "Off Beaten Tracks" which recounts his own journey through the hobby, the models he has built, the characters he has met, and in many ways the history of P4 and the "finescale" hobby of the last fifty or so years. This is likely to come out in two volumes and while I don't have a date for publication it will be sooner rather than later.


Sorry Iain, I couldn't resist the above, a fascinating "blast from the past". And just who was Miss Prenergast we all wonder, well I did anyway.....

And as regards this splendid Protofour Advertisement to the left:

Back in the day I was absolutely fascinated by these advertisements, but even as a spotty sixteen year old I thought it was funny that these blokes were banging on about their dead scale wheels, but hadn't noticed that their dead scale track was floating mysteriously above the beautiful dead scale sleepers with no visible dead scale or otherwise rail chairs!

Ah well, back in 1974 you had to suspend disbelief somewhat earlier than in these enlightened days I guess....

There are various other modelling books in preparation, including one on modelling road vehicles by none other than Paul Karau.

And I am at last working on my new and much enlarged edition of"On The Trail Of The Titfield Thunderbolt", originals of which appear to be selling for improbably large sums on ebay. I have been given some beautiful photographs and really must share them with a wider audience. I'm not committing myself to a publication date but am travelling hopefully. Here is a sample picture from the new edition:

Photo courtesy of Geoff Alford

Simon Castens

25th August 2017

New ownership Wild Swan Books Background
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