Wild Swan Books

The Bridport Branch

Gerry Beale

Hardback  -  154 pages  -  £37.50


Maternal grandparents from Bridport and the delights of Dorset coast and countryside meant childhood holidays that gave Gerry Beale a passion for the town and its surrounding countryside. His father Ivan’s interest in railways, shared with his son from an early age, together with his accomplished photography combined to give Gerry a deep affection for and knowledge of the branch line to Bridport.

Through subsequent years of research and experience in railway publishing, including editorship of a journal and authoring several books, Gerry maintained his interest in the Bndport Branch and built up a significant collection of material on the subject.

All of these things have been brought together in this volume, a personal and intimate portrait of a Great Western branch line from its earliest days up to the introduction of diesel units. This is a nostalgic journey recorded in loving detail, containing many pictures never seen in print before and illustrating details of operation and infrastructure that will be of great interest to both modellers and students of the subject alike.

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