Wild Swan Books

Locomotive Kit Chassis Construction in 4mm

Iain Rice

Softback  -  158 pages  -  £13.95


A practical guide which sets out the author's experiences of locomotive kit chassis construction. However, whilst the emphasis is laid on the construction of what might be termed 'state-of-the-art' etched chassis, the author has taken into account the fact that there are quite a few older kits still around waiting to be built.

Iain says "This is not a book for someone who can't contemplate kit construction without the resources of a precision workshop behind him. A table and a modest selection of hand tools will see most modern chassis kits together and working, and that is the precept on which I’ve based this essay. My only qualification for writing the dratted thing in the first place is that I’ve somehow managed to build somewhere on the high side of 350 locos - not all from kits, admittedly - which have, in their fashion, worked reasonably, if not well."

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