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Diesel Hydraulics a Colour Retrospective

Andrew Vines

Hardback  -  128 pages  -  £23.95


In this new book photographer and diesel hydraulic enthusiast Andrew Vines takes a retrospective pictorial look at all of the classes of locomotives that were built for the Western Region of British Railways. Destined to have short lives in service, they have been the subject of much discussion and interest since their demise and have achieved near mythical status in the minds of some enthusiasts.

This book does not repeat the several detailed histories that have been written on these locomotives, but rather gives an informed commentary and much information on what they were about, where they operated and the types of traffic that they handled.

The photographs have with a few exceptions not been seen in print before. They feature the work of some well known photographers, but also many unknown recorders who troubled to point their cameras at what was then the largely unloved modern part of a rapidly changing scene.

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