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Folkestone's Railways

Brian Hart

Softback  -  94 pages  -  £14.95


Opened to Folkestone in 1843, and onward to Dover in 1844, the South Eastern Railway's premier main line from London to the Kent Coast was justifiably acclaimed an engineering triumph of its day. The author charts the rise of Folkestone from humble beginnings to bustling channel port and premier seaside resort of wealthy Victorians.

The struggle to build the line through the treacherous Folkestone Warren, as well as the railway’s entire destruction by the forces of nature in 1915, make absorbing reading. Similarly, the development of the harbour and the fascinating events which span more than a century are revealed in a thoughtfully interwoven and thoroughly enjoyable account.

Profusely illustrated with rare and original photographs, most of which are presented here for the first time.

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