Wild Swan Books

Great Western Branch Line Modelling

Part 2: Prototype Buildings, Fittings & Traffic Operation
Stephen Williams

Softback  -  110 pages  -  £12.95


This is the second of a series of three books by the author aimed at those wishing to model the Great Western. Rather than being marked by a predictable uniformity, Great Western branch lines were actually very varied. That variety is not so apparent within the trackwork and signalling systems, but becomes much more prominent where buildings and their related fixtures and fittings are reviewed.

In this volume the author discusses the diversity of GWR buildings and their associated fittings and concludes with a chapter on the nature of branch line traffic operation. In addition to the many photographs illustrating the varying styles of buildings and structures, the book includes a wide range of images covering neglected variants of items such as station lamps, seats, nameboards, fencing and platform trolleys, which should be of value to all GWR modellers.

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