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GWR Goods Services: Part 2A Goods Depots and Their Operation

Tony Atkins

Softback  -  180 pages  -  £24.95


In this, the second part of their series, the authors consider the organization and operation of the numerous goods depots on the Great Western system. Covered in this volume are a study of the various facilities provided at depots, the handling procedures, charging and waybilling, and the use of sacks, ropes and sheets to secure or protect the loads. A detailed look at small consignment traffic discusses the various methods of transportation, including Direct, Tranship, Composite, Station and Pickup Wagons, with a brief look at the role of road transport in transhipments.

The second half of this volume comprises an in-depth look at the goods depots and yards in the London area, including Paddington, Smithfield, South Lambeth, Poplar Victoria & Albert, Chelsea and others. This second provides a fascinating and heavily-illustrated record of this immensely important district.

Profusely embellished with photographs, maps and documents relating to the subject in hand, this is the first of a two-part work covering the Great Western's goods 'interface' with the public, and illustrates the aspect as never before.

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