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GWR Goods Services: Part 2B Goods Depots and Their Operation

Tony Atkins

Softback  -  199 pages  -  £25.95


Volume 2A in the series dealt (i) with those features of operation common to all GWR goods depots and (ii) provided detailed information on those depots in and around London. This volume, 2B, provides details of some representative large and small goods depots elsewhere on the system.

Although published in two volumes, the story of GWR goods depots and the services they provided with their various interconnected themes, flows through both volumes and they should be considered as one continuous book. The Appendix to Volume 2B includes lists of station trucks, their loading plans, numbering and routes. As with Volume 2A, this book is profusely illustrated with photographs and maps of the goods depots covered.

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