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Goods Traffic of the LNER

Geoff Goslin

Softback  -  94 pages  -  £14.95


The change from railways to roads for the general carriage of goods in Great Britain gathered pace in the late 1950s and was virtually complete within 15 years. With the passage of time it is easy to forget the prominence of goods traffic and its economic important in the days when railways were able genuinely to pay their way.

Much has been written about passenger services, and the general pattern of their operation can readily be deduced from public timetables. Less has appeared on the operation of goods services. Although the various classes of goods locomotives are well known, the uses to which they were put has received little attention.

The main part of this account describes the goods services on some typical LNER routes. The coverage of a system which required 4,000 goods and shunting locomotives and a quarter of a million wagons is necessarily selective rather than comprehensive. Nevertheless, it is hoped that this account will give a fair impression of the variety and extent of the goods services of the LNER and their practical operation.

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