Wild Swan Books

The Marlow Branch

Paul Karau & Chris Turner

Hardback  -  216 pages  -  £21.95


Built by the Great Marlow Railway Company, this 2½ mile branch line linked the riverside town of Marlow with the Wycombe line at Bourne End. From the outset it was worked by the mighty GWR and enjoyed an unusual prosperity. Despite its success, after some twenty-three years of independence, there followed the inevitable surrender to the GWR who went on to develop this modest but profitable little concern.

Based on wide-ranging archive material and personal interviews with former staff, this book not only traces the fascinating story of the independent company and its relations with the GWR, but details some of the personalities involved and traces the line's development and operation to the end of steam. The text is illustrated with a wide range of photographs, together with maps and track plans.

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