Wild Swan Books

The Midland and South Western Junction Railway

Volume 2 Locomotives
Mike Barnsley

Hardback  -  154 pages  -  £18.95


This book describes in detail the locomotives and rolling stock employed by the Midland & South Western Junction Railway, and its predecessor, the Swindon, Marlborough & Andover Railway. While the emphasis is on use by these companies, coverage is also given to the subsequent history of stock sold out of service prior to 1923, and of stock taken over by the Great Western Railway at the grouping. The work is complementary to David Bartholomew's Volume One on MSWJR stations.

The MSWJR was a small concern, only ever possessing some forty steam engines, yet its locomotive stock was of unusual interest. While the designs generally conformed with late nineteenth-century British practice, and all possessed such traditional features as plate frames, parallel boilers, two cylinders with slide values and used saturated steam without superheating, there were many variations on the basic theme.

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