Wild Swan Books

The Mixed Traffic Black 5s
Part 3 - Caprotti Value Gear Engines
LMS Loco Profile No.7

David Hunt, Fred James, John Jennison & Bob Essery

Softback  -  128 pages  -  £15.95


This is the third part of the series on the LMS mixed traffic Black 5s and although it deals with locomotives that were built after nationalisation, they were unarguably LMS in origin, were ordered by the LMS, developed wholly by LMS personnel, and were built in LMS workshops. This book covers the construction and history of the 22 Caprotti valve-gear locomotives built between February 1948 and May 1951 under British Railways auspices.

Since the main part of this work is concerned with just 22 locomotives, all built after Nationalisation, there was sufficient room in this book to include many photographs, which would otherwise have required a separate pictorial supplement. Sixteen drawings are included, four at large format printed on two fold out pages bound into the book.

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