Wild Swan Books

The Mixed Traffic Class 5s Part Two

LMS Loco Profiles No.6
Nos. 5225-5499 and 4658-4999
David Hunt, Fred James & Bob Essery

Softback  -  128 pages  -  £15.95


This is the second part of the series dealing with the LMS mixed traffic 4-6-0s and covers all the locomotives originally built with sloping throatplate fireboxes and Walshaerts or Stevenson valve gear. Part 1 (Profile No.5) dealt with locomotives built in 1934 and 1935 with vertical throatplate fireboxes (Nos. 5000 to 5224). The final part of the Class 5 series (Profile No.7) deals with the Caprotti valve gear engines.

The book is extensively illustrated including a number of close up images of various mechanical and constructional features of the locomotives. The twenty detailed drawings include two at large format, printed on a fold out page neatly bound into the book.

The sixty page Construction and Modifications chapter covers all the component parts of these locomotives from boilers to cab controls, tablet exchangers and snowploughs. The Appendices include dates of construction, renumbering, modification and withdrawal dates as well as shed allocations at outset and for selected dates between 1939 and 1965.

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