Wild Swan Books

Modelling Trees Part One - Broadleaf Trees

Gordon Gravett

Softback  -  92 pages  -  £21.95


Observation is one of the modeller's greatest resources and this is particularly relevant when it comes to scenic modelling in general and trees in particular. There are no drawings or precise dimensions to scale down - just looking at the subject and making our own interpretation of what we see. This free hand approach maybe why some do not enjoy this side of the hobby whereas others positively revel in being freed from the constraints of accuracy to 'do their own thing'.

In the author's view, with some clear ideas of what you want to achieve and a few photos for reference, modelling trees can be a very pleasant distraction from some of the more exacting aspects of the hobby. The variety on offer is endless, constrained only by possible geographical limitations, and many of the species have very characteristic shapes that help to substantiate an intended location.

Through a series of worked examples, all illustrated in colour, the author demonstrates his techniques for creating highly realistic models of broadleaf trees. Volume Two covers the author's approach to modelling conifers.

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