Wild Swan Books

Modelling Trees Part Two - Conifers

Gordon Gravett

Softback  -  92 pages  -  £21.95


As with the broadleaf trees covered in Volume One, the author demonstrates his techniques for creating highly realistic models of conifer trees via a series of worked examples, all illustrated in colour.

When it comes to actually modelling conifers, they can be equally impressive as broadleaf trees and many, with a simpler structure, come together quite a bit quicker. Most of the materials and processes are common to both types of tree, but the author also introduces other methods to replicate some of the features exhibited by conifers.

In many parts of the country, the two tree types live side by side and, even if the actual species are not identified, the difference between them is readily apparent. By using differing materials to replicate the leaves, models of both broadleaf trees and conifers can also take on a contrasting appearance and help to portray features of the British landscape in a more convincing way.

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