Wild Swan Books

New Century on the South Eastern & Chatham Railway

John Minnis

Softback  -  40 pages  -  £3.50


This small volume comprises a collection of 55 images of the SECR taken in the early years of the 20th Century. The photographs are from an album that came the way of the author and are believed to have been the work of A.F.Selby, a member of the Railway Club and contributor to the journal 'Railway Notes'.

Inevitably a number of the images are faded or stained, but very few of the photographs have been reproduced before and they come from a particularly interesting time; the period when the Martley locomotives on the Chatham line were being rapidly replaced by Wainwright classes. The Martley engines looked their age and the general character of the line was that of thirty years before. One of the distinguishing features of the photographer was his willingness to take pictures of carriages and some of these images are the only known views of particular types.

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