Wild Swan Books

The North and West Route
Volume One - Shrewsbury

John Hodge

Hardback  -  154 pages  -  £28.95


In this, the first of a series of books on the North & West route between Shrewsbury, Hereford and Newport (Maindee), John Hodge has amassed a very comprehensive selection of photographs which take the reader from the junction of the Crewe line, to the north of the station, through to Sutton Bridge Junction and Shelf Sidings to the south of the town.

Whilst the North & West route forms the basis of this volume, the opportunity has been taken to illustrate traffic for or from the other lines seen at the station or along the N&W route, which was so much a part of Shrewsbury's railway scene. As with the South Wales series, this collection of volumes will contain comprehensive texts and maps of all the locations under consideration, making this a vital addition to the bookshelves of lovers of both the Great Western and London & North Western's heritage.

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