Wild Swan Books

The North and West Route
Volume Two - Shrewsbury & Hereford

John Hodge

Hardback  -  170 pages  -  £29.95


This second volume in the North & West Route series considers the fifty-mile joint LMR/WR route between the southern outskirts of Shrewsbury and the various facilities at Barton and Barrs Court, in Hereford.

The route out of Shrewsbury carried not only main line services but also trains for Swansea via the ex-LMS Central Wales route, as far as the junction station at Craven Arms. The main line then went on to serve stations at various small market towns and villages, including the junctions at Ludlow, Woofferton and Leominster, each with their branch connections, before being joined by the busy main line from Worcester on the outskirts of Hereford.

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