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D.J.Norton's Pictorial Survey of Railways in the West Midlands Part One


Softback  -  144 pages  -  £19.95


This book is the first part of a trilogy that celebrates the work of D.J.Norton, using pictures taken by him between 1947 and 1963 in the Midlands area, centred upon his home city of Birmingham. Dennis Norton developed an interest in railways early in his life and started photographing locos, stations and lines at the age of 17, just as British Railways were taking over from the 'Big Four'. His interest continued right up to his premature death in August 1965. Throughout this time, his camera was primarily pointed at subjects related to the LMS Company.

The collection of photographs contains many unique and unusual views that provide a wide coverage of the old LMS in the West Midlands. His work is an important record of the LMS during the early years of British Railways and we should be grateful for D.J.Norton's foresight in taking 'railway' pictures, rather than just concentrating upon locomotives or trains.

This volume deals with the lines of the old London & North Western Railway, which after 1923 became the Western Division of the LMS. The second and third parts of the trilogy look at the lines of the old Midland Railway, which became the Midland Division of the LMS.

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