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Painting and Lining

A Modeller's Handbook
Martyn Welch

Softback  -  154 pages  -  £21.95


The author has been building and painting model railway locomotives and stock for over thirty years, half of those as a professional. During that time he has continually updated the methods he uses, either from experience or learning from others. Ian has demonstrated at most of the major exhibitions and given talks to clubs and societies where he passes on the 'knowledge'.

Although the book starts on the assumption that a kit is being built, the principles apply to the repainting of ready-to-run models. The book covers locomotives, coaches and wagons, but the methods are equally relevant to trams, buses and other vehicles.

Every stage of Ian's approach is explained and illustrated in great detail. Apart from a few prototype reference shots, the photographs in this book are all in colour.

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