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Trains, Cranes and Automobiles

Radio Control For Model Railways

Giles Favell

Softback  -  110 pages  -  £24.95


In this book Giles Favell details his journey into the world of applying miniaturised radio control to small scale working models for his model railways. After explaining the rationale behind the idea, Giles describes the three layouts that he has built and the how and why of each design. He then covers the general principles and details of the methods, components and suppliers he uses for each aspect of the systems, before going on to describe individual projects in a 'step by step' way, supported by numerous illustrations. He also details his experiences with radio controlled locomotives and rounds the book off with a summary of recent developments, including reconfiguring gearmotors and a very neat idea for a point motor.

We believe this is the first book to be published that covers this exciting area of development for model railways in the UK. Both Giles and his wife Di will already be well known to many exhibition goers, as they have frequently been seen exhibiting and operating their stunning creation 'Denton Brook'. Giles is also very active in publishing videos of his exploits on YouTube and this new book provides a reference for all of this too.

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