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The Standard Class 3 Freight Tank Engines
LMS Loco Profile No.14

David Hunt, Bob Essery & John Jennison

Softback  -  90 pages  -  £18.95


This book follows on from Volume 5 of the Midland Engines series on the Midland Railway heavy goods tank engines from which the LMS locomotives were developed; readers wanting to study the details of the Midland built locomotives should refer to that volume. The two types were considered by the LMS as forming a single, standard class, although there were differences between them. There is inevitably some repetition concerning the origin and development of the Midland heavy goods tank engines between this and the earlier Midland Engines book, but as far as technical descriptions go, the coverage in this volume is limited to those engines built under LMS auspices.

The LMS Class 3F freight tanks were generally known to railway enthusiasts as 'Jinties', but railwaymen often referred to the engins as 'Jockos'. Although not originally shunting engines per se, and despite the fact that a considerable number were used on passenger trains, by 1931 the 'Jockos' as a class were spending a large proportion of their total operating time as shunters. The type was regarded by the LMS as its standard shunting unit when comparisons were being made with the first diesels in the early 1930s. Apart from shunting, the standard LMS tank engines were used on many other sorts of traffic and were a familiar sight over much of the company's system before and after nationalisation, surviving in service almost to the end of steam on British Railways.

The book is extensively illustrated and includes twelve detailed drawings, two at large format, printed on a fold out page neatly bound into the book. The Appendices include building, renumbering and withdrawal dates as well as shed allocations for selected dates between 1927 and 1960.

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