Wild Swan Books

The Kent & East Sussex Railway

Brian Hart

Hardback  -  282 pages  -  £34.95


Reputedly Lt Col. Holman F. Stephens' favourite line, the 'Kent and East Sussex' simply charmed everyone who came to know this highly-characterful railway with its remote stations, appealing rolling stock and unorthodox methods of operation.

Commencing with numerous 19th century efforts to bring the railway to Tenterden, the author lucidly explains the reasons behind the eventual arrival of the Rother Valley Light Railway. Particular attention has been paid to these formative years, whereby it has been possible to reveal many long-forgotten accounts which have never before appeared in railway books.

The author's sole intent is to offer a contribution towards our knowledge of this railway and he is at pains to stress that this book is not intended as any kind of exhaustive account. He suggests a descriptive subtitle could be The Life and Times of a Local Railway and merely hopes that the reader might follow him on what proved to be a journey of discovery and delight through an era and a world that has now entirely vanished.

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