Wild Swan Books

Light Railways & Narrow Gauge Lines

The Golden Valley Railway
W.H. Smith
136pages, Softback, 2002

The Kent and East Sussex

Brian Hart
282pages, Hardback, 2009

The Selsey Tramway
Volume One

Laurie A. Cooksey
188pages, Hardback, 2006

The Selsey Tramway
Volume Two

Laurie Cooksey
146pages, Hardback, 2006

The Sheppey Light Railway
Brian Hart
104pages, Softback, 1992

The Shipston on Stour Branch
S.C. Jenkins & R.S. Carpenter
106pages, Softback, 1997

The Slough Estates Railway
Jaye Isherwood
168pages, Softback, 2010

The Tanat Valley Light Railway
Mike Lloyd
112pages, Softback, 1990

The Wantage Tramway
Nicholais de Courtais
96pages, Softback, 2017

The Welshpool & Llanfair
Light Railway

Glyn Williams
282pages, Hardback, 2010