Wild Swan Books

Rolling Stock

Great Western Auto Trailers
Part One

John Lewis
200pages, Hardback, 1991

Lancashire and Yorkshire
Wagons Volume One

Noel Coates
194pages, Hardback, 1990

Lancashire and Yorkshire
Wagons Volume Two

Noel Coates
454pages, Hardback, 2006

LNER Wagons Volume 1
LNER Southern Area

Peter Tatlow
248pages, Hardback, 2005

LNER Wagons Volume 2
North-Eastern Area

Peter Tatlow
204pages, Hardback, 2007

LNER Wagons Volume 3
Scottish Area

Peter Tatlow
186pages, Hardback, 2009

LNER Wagons Volume 4A
LNER Standard Designs
Opens Hoppers and Vans

Peter Tatlow
158pages, Hardback, 2012

LNER Wagons Volume 4B
LNER Standard
& Other Designs

Peter Tatlow
184pages, Hardback, 2015

LNWR Wagons Volume One
The London & North Western Society
208pages, Hardback, 2001

LNWR Wagons Volume Two
Chris Northedge
220pages, Hardback, 2016

LNWR Wagons Volume Three
Peter Ellis, Peter Davis
Clive Taylor
Edited by Chris Northedge
210pages, Hardback, 2018

Metropolitan Railway
Rolling Stock

James R Snowdon
172pages, Softback, 2001

North Staffordshire Wagons
G. F. Chadwick
94pages, Softback, 1993

Official Drawings No.3
Great Western Coaches

John Lewis
80pages, Softback, 1998
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Official Drawings of
LMS wagons No. 2

R J Essery
72pages, Softback, 1997

Twilight Of The Goods
Don Rowland
80pages, Softback, 2019
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